Loan Against Property Can Be Used For Many Purposes

Higher Education

For Business Expansion


Accelerate the Business Growth


For Acquiring New Technology


For Construct a New Block

Medical Emergency

for setting up a new Factory

Home Renovation

Setting up a new branch

Consumer Goods

To Pay off the other Loans

School Fees

To Procure the More Stock

Loan Against Property

  Loan against property (LAP) is basically given against the mortgage of residential and commercial property. Loan amount depends on the value of property in market. Therefore we can say that this is a secured loan because borrower utilizes his/her property as security. With finheal you can get loan amount upto 80% of the property value. We all know life uncertain and we don’t know what will happen in future. Financial crisis can be rise up at any time in our life. To overcome this crisis you need cash. But arranging cash in huge amount for sudden need is seems impossible. At that time your property can play an important role. You can take the Loan Against Property that empowers you to solve financial problem. Generally peoples use this type of loan for Business expansion, Pay of other debt, Suddent cash need, Business startup, Completing the construction work, Acquiring new technology for business etc. One interesting thing you have to know is interest rate of this type of loan is much less than the other loans. Loan against property is very easy to get because this is a secured loan, banks and NBFCs give approval without any difficulty. Tenure of this loan is more as compare to other loan except Home Loan. We know longer the tenure means lower the EMI so Loan against property is suitable for those who can’t pay higher EMI’s for loan. For taking Loan against property in Delhi, Loan against property in Gurgaon, Loan against property in Faridabad, Loan against property in Ghaziabad, Loan against property in Noida apply through our website and get attractive deals from top lenders. As an individual you can take loan on own house, shop, factory, flat and piece of land. But if you do not pay the loan amount with in loan tenure then your property will be sold by lender and loan amount will be recovered from it.

Documents Required

  •   ID proof (PAN Card, Driver's license, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar)
  •  Address proof (Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Ration card, Bank statement, Credit card statement)
  •  Passport Size Photo
  •  3 month's Salary slips
  •  3 month's Bank statement
  •  Last 2 years form 16
  •  Sale Agreement
  •  Property documents
  •  Receipt of Booking/Advance payment (If any)